Customer Service Policy

Our Promise As A Retailer


Our School World staff promise to treat all customers with respect, honesty, tolerance, compassion and understanding.


We will at all times strive to provide the best level of customer service possible in the most time efficient manner.


We value our customers opinions and feedback and are open to suggestions on how we can make our service better and your customer experience more enjoyable.


As school children are the cornerstone of our business, we promise to treat them with respect and patience and join in to celebrate their journey through school.

Your Promise As A Customer


To honour our commitment to you as a customer, Spartan School World staff expect the same level of respect, tolerance, compassion and good humour in return.


We will not tolerate unacceptable behaviour towards our staff or other customers at any time. This includes:


  • Inappropriate language

  • Verbal abuse (offensive remarks, name calling, swearing)

  • Actively hostile behaviour (shouting, threatening gestures)

  • Physical abuse which may result in injury

  • Arguing with staff or other customers

  • Not accepting the limitations and procedures in place

  • Making culturally specific and inappropriate comments


Spartan School World appreciates your recognition of our customer service promise and commitment to you along with your cooperation in return.