The New Standard in School Uniform Retail.

Spartan School World provides an unrivalled school uniform shopping experience.

Our unique retail stores provide a modern customer friendly shopping experience with knowledgeable retail professionals.

Customers are free to browse or purchase - without having to take a number or wait forever in corralled enclosures.   

Parents love our commitment to service and quality, and the ease and convenience of shopping with us. 

It is a change long overdue. A school uniform shopping experience unlike any other.


Do you know what your parents currently endure when they shop for your uniform.....  


Give Your Parents the School Uniform Shopping Experience They Deserve

 - And Maximise Your School's Retail Options:

  • ​Market leading retail stores with click & collect

  • Branded ecommerce store - with delivery to home or school

  • Management of on-campus shops

  • "Pop-up Shops" on campus for Prep / Foundation Days

  • Attendance at school information / transition sessions

  • Generous stock buybacks & commission rebates

  • In-house design, artwork, printing & embellishment

  • Full stock management, forecasting & fulfilment

Now is the time to partner with Spartan School World and transform your uniform sales.