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Spartan stands by every product it sells, even items without a specific warranty period. Spartan will gladly accept the return of any product that is defective as a result of the manufacturing or delivery process.

Actual warranty periods vary, depending on the type of product. Please consult the specific product page on our website for the exact warranty period that applies to your product.

Spartan products without a specified warranty period are warranted to be free of manufacturing fault or defect. Products are made to a standard that ensures they are fit for purpose and will withstand the rigours of fair wear and tear.


Lifetime Manufacturers Warranty - School Bags

All Spartan products are designed for comfort and built to last. In fact, certain Spartan products are designed to last a student’s school lifetime, that’s why Spartan offers a lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects in material and workmanship in relation to these products (refer to specific product page).

Subject to the terms of this warranty, Spartan warrants that for the lifetime of these Spartan products, they will be free from defects in materials and workmanship. In the event there are any defects in materials and/or workmanship covered by this warranty, Spartan will, at it's discretion, replace or credit the faulty product.

This warranty does not cover any damage or defects arising from normal fair wear and tear, negligence, malicious damage or abuse, misuse of the product (including where the recommended capacity of the product is exceeded), failure to comply with reasonable directions or recommendations provided by Spartan, or damage caused by matters beyond Spartan’s reasonable control.

Any modification, repair or alteration of the Spartan product by any third party voids Spartan’s obligations under this warranty.

Spartan will not be liable under this warranty for any personal injury or any indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages including, without limitation, loss of profit.

Spartan’s maximum liability under this lifetime warranty will be limited to the full replacement value of the product supplied to you.

All warranties are applicable to the original purchaser only, are not transferable and must be accompanied by proof of purchase (failing which the lifetime warranty will be void).


Three Year Product Warranty

To support your purchase selection, Spartan provides a three year manufacturing warranty against faulty workmanship and materials on all the Spartan @ttitude® backpacks (please refer to specific product pages).

All other warranty terms are the same as those stated previously under the “Lifetime Manufacturers Warranty” section.


One Year Product Warranty - Trolley Bags

Trolley Bags are not recommended for daily school use. They are not recommended for use when:
- public transport is being taken to and or from school
- walking long distances and or on flat/uneven surfaces to and or from school
- the school grounds do not provide adequate flat and smooth surfaces for trolley bags (ramps, etc.)

For this reason Trolley bags are warranted for a period of one year.



Warranty Procedure - Parents/Students

Return the product to the place of purchase (the school uniform shop or school retailer) with proof of purchase (receipt).

It is recommended that you only contact Spartan direct if the product was purchased from our web site. However, if you purchased from a school or retailer it is your right as a consumer to contact Spartan directly. It cannot guaranteed that a swifter resolution will be achieved and in many cases, a faster resolution will be achieved by returning the product to the place of purchase.


Warranty Procedure - Schools/Retailers

Refer to our product catalogue, call your local sales representative or call us on 1800 815 557.

Do not offer a replacement product without consulting Spartan first.